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I have dreamed about a cross-platform application to securely authenticate a user's login. I developed KH Authenticator, a .NET MAUI App for Windows and Android which registers and authenticates a user without a password or email address. I imagine many KH Authenticator account providers. The Developer Role grants access to the portal which supports the vision. The KH Authenticator app supports a sandbox for users with the Developer Role. Developers can create sandbox providers. Sandbox providers are listed in apps where the Primary Provider is joined to the Developer account.

I researched and developed the Users Without Passwords Project (UWPP) which implements WebAuthn, also known as FIDO2, instead of passwords. WebAuthn is more secure and multi factor by design. Basic password authentication is familiar and difficult to replace with WebAuth. WebAuth requires the user to possess a FIDO2 device like Windows Hello, mobile lock screen, or a security key. The Users Without Identity Project (UWIP) implements user authentication and two factor authentication like MS Identity but with a clear and modifiable design. UWIP implements two factor authentication with the (TOTP) standard and is compatible with the MS Authenticator or Google Authenticator applications. The Users With Device 2FA Project (UWD2FAP) implements the UWIP but replaces TOTP with WebAuth for two factor authentication. The Users With Comments Project (UWCP) implements the UWD2FAP and adds a managed and moderated comment workflow for multiple topic discussions. All of these projects implement the KH Authenticator API. The projects are available for download from KenHaggerty.Com which also supports the KH Authenticator API.